By providing excellent academics, Logos Prep earns the right to influence the lives of students and their families.  We employ rigorous college preparatory curriculum developed by professional classroom educators to produce college-worthy graduates.  Our standards meet or exceed State of Texas standards as defined by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  In addition, we guard low student/teacher ratios to allow teachers to have a greater influence over those in the classroom.  Integrated into each lesson is character development which stems from core Christian values based on the truths of the Holy Bible and in line with our Statement of Faith.

We look forward to serving you.

Tammy McIlvoy Head of School


Primary (K-2)

Parents and teachers partner together to build a strong foundation from the beginning.  The Logos Prep Primary Department,  grades K-2, seeks to equip and nurture students and parents to fulfill God’s plan for their lives through education, family ministry, and relationships with one another.

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Elementary (3-6)

In the Logos Prep elementary program, students in grades 3 – 6 are instructed by experienced classroom teachers who encourage a love of learning while focusing on both academic and spiritual growth.  Purposeful teaching promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and the imparting of a biblical worldview.

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Secondary (7-12)

At the secondary level, Logos Prep offers college-preparatory Christian education to families wishing to maintain and strengthen the bond between students and parents.  Our university style schedule helps students prepare for a smooth transition to college while remaining connected with family as they move toward responsible adulthood with the ultimate goal of becoming World Changers.

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Curriculum Resources

Essential Documents

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