Primary Education

Greek FestGrades K-2 are included in the Logos Prep primary department.  Primary teachers seek to equip and nurture both students and parents to fulfill God’s plan for their lives through education, family ministry, and relationships with one another.

Integration of subject material and flexibility in instruction leads to greater success at the primary level.  For this reason, a block scheduling approach is used for Logos Prep primary grades. Kindergarten is completely self-contained.  Students wishing to enroll in kindergarten will need to be five years of age by September 1st of their kindergarten year.  They will be registered for the entire academic program including all core subjects and an out class period.  Out classes include physical education, foreign language and fine arts and are rotated so that students benefit from each component.   The kindergarten class ratio is 12:1.  Kindergarten students attend classes Tuesday, Thursday and half a day on Wednesday.  They are home with parents in the satellite classroom Monday and Friday.

In grades 1 and 2, students may be signed up for both morning and afternoon academic blocks.  These blocks consist of English/history and math/science.  Out classes include Latin, Music, Art, and PE.  The class ratio in grades 1 and 2 is 16:1.  Recess is a part of the day for all primary grades.  Students in grades 1 and 2 attend classes Tuesday and Thursday and are home with parents in the satellite classroom on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Parents are an integral part of the Logos Prep learning model.  In the primary grades, parents assist as co-teachers working very closely with their students in the satellite classroom.  Professional classroom teachers plan and implement curriculum in the classroom and provide detailed instruction for parents to follow in the satellite classroom.  Parents training opportunities are provided throughout the year with the goal of demonstrating what is being asked of parents while equipping and nurturing them in their role as co-teachers.

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