Celebrate is one of my favorite words.  I can always find a good reason to celebrate, and our students gave us many reasons to do so this year.  They have done well in academics, athletics, and persevered through a hard year that started with a Category 4 hurricane!  We are very proud of our lions!

One of my favorite ways that we celebrate our sixth grade elementary lions is through the Blessing Ceremony.  This year our celebration took place on Tuesday, April 24. On this night, we shared memories, pictures and stories from the students’ time in elementary school, and then we had their parents pray over them, bless them, and envision what the next years will be as these students step into secondary school. In Joshua 4, the Lord commands the Israelites to put up stones as markers to remind them and future generations of the Lord’s power and how He kept them safe as they crossed over the Jordan River. I encouraged the families on this night to let that night serve as a “marker” that celebrates the faithfulness that God had shown their students during their time in elementary school.  It was especially sweet this year as our first ever class of kindergarten students have now finished their elementary years. Since I taught several of them in kindergarten, seeing them as sixth graders reminds me that the days are long, but the years are short! I cannot believe that these amazing young people will be secondary students in a few short months. Congrats to our sixth graders for completing this milestone!



Speaking of a few short months, I wanted to remind everyone of some very important dates to get on your calendar BEFORE you start celebrating summer.  On Thursday, August 2, we will be hosting Parent Recharge. This is a day of parent training for every co-teacher and is for new parents and parents who have been at Logos Prep for many years. Please make it a priority to be there because we have already started working hard on training ideas based off of feedback we have received in the past.  Also, student orientations will be on Friday, August 3. If you have an incoming third, sixth or seventh grader, or a new student in your family is coming to Logos Prep in the fall, please put this date on your calendar as well. They will not want to miss orientation.

As this school year winds down, I want to encourage you as a family to sit down sometime in the next couple of weeks and celebrate all God has done for your family and your student this past year.  I am grateful to have served alongside you as we have partnered together to help our students to become more like Jesus.

Andrea Chevalier
Elementary Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy

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