End of Year Celebration

Let the countdown begin! School is almost out for summer! The highs and lows of spring are exciting and exhausting all at the same moment. In the past two weeks, we’ve had our Jubilee, Spring Formal, State TAPPS Academic/Art meet in Waco, State Tennis in Waco, TSA competition in Fort Worth, golf won District, and track headed to District. CollegeBoard informed us that five of our current juniors will be recognized in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program, and Duke Tip let us know that all three of our seventh graders who opted to take the ACT will receive state recognition for their scores. And that is just two weeks.

With all that happens in the last few weeks of school, it would be easy to miss the celebration in the midst of the chaos. My encouragement to you is to stay tuned in as your kids cross another milestone, celebrating every victory and completion along the way.

In Deuteronomy, much is said about remembering the Lord, and the things of the Lord. Celebrations are commanded. From Deut 16:10 – 11, “Then celebrate…And rejoice before the Lord your God.” From Deut 16:13-14, “Celebrate .. Be joyful at your festival.” Appropriate celebrations are acts that help us remember what God has done in our lives. First, they help us to acknowledge that every victory is a gift from the Lord. Next, we remember what the Lord has done. This builds our faith that victory will come again, and God will continue to give us cause for celebration. Honestly, celebrating doesn’t seem to be a thing God would have to remind us to do, but the Israelites were commanded to celebrate festivals and special commemorations. I expect that it is because God knew just how busy life would get, and how easily we would forget. Stopping to celebrate helps us remember.

The next three weeks will hold more athletic championships, senior nights, end of seasons, the Sixth Grade Blessing Ceremony, second grade’s Mother’s Day Tea, the junior high musical, NHS induction/senior cording, the athletic end of year banquet, and Kindergarten Graduation, just to name a few. Live fully in every moment, celebrating as you go! The accomplishments of 2017-18 are worthy of remembrance.

Tammy McIlvoy
Head Of School
Logos Preparatory Academy

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