How Does Your Garden Grow

The blessing of spring, besides the mild temperatures, is new growth!  You can see it in the trees as they bud, the flowers as they bloom and the children as their clothes seem to be shrinking.

I had been praying and asking the Lord for a while about ways to better the primary campus.  I love what the Lord has done here in the past four years, but I am always looking for ways that we can grow and improve.  I felt like the Lord was putting it in my heart to start a garden. It’s educational on so many levels, it is fun, and we could learn a lot about health and nutrition. Now you should know, I have a black thumb. I can kill cactus. However, the Lord kept impressing it on me, so I told Lee Ann Larks about it a couple of weeks ago and she sweetly looked at me and said, “That’s a great idea! Do you know anything about growing gardens?” (Y’all, get you a friend like Lee Ann who knows immediately that this is not a job in your skill set, but is still super supportive of any effort you want to make. Those friends are gold and a real confidence booster!)  As I said the words out loud for the first time, even I knew they sounded ridiculous. I know nothing about gardening, I have no extra time to figure it out, and I have no land that I own on which to plant said garden. However, I felt like the Lord had encouraged this idea in me, so I plowed on.  The next day, I was sitting in my office and Pastor Ken, the pastor at Faith Lutheran, came in to talk about various sundry items on the campus. As he was about to leave he said, “Oh yeah, by the way, I want to start a community garden, and I wonder if Logos Prep would be interested in partnering with us and the Landon Ridge Assisted Living Community across the street? I measured a portion of land on the carpool side of the building, and I have room for 12 planter boxes. I constructed two last week. Are you interested?” “Am I interested?!” I yelled as I ran past him to go see the garden he had dug the week before. When I got outside, I couldn’t believe my eyes! All the time I had spent asking and then doubting if I was hearing correctly, the Lord was saying, “Go outside, child, and SEE what I am already doing.” God was already making provision for His vision on the primary campus!

Last week, Pastor Ken and some neighbors from Landon Ridge planted the first few items in “our” garden. We took the students out during recess to watch and ask questions. “We” planted tomatoes, lettuce, squash and some herbs. It was awesome!!! I still don’t know exactly how all this is going to work as we move forward, but I do know that God has provided people with lots of gardening experience to partner with our students who have eager hearts to learn and serve, and we are growing a garden together!


Have you been feeling like you have a new direction from the Lord or a new ministry He has placed on your heart, but fear of failure or underperforming have stopped you from stepping out?  Be encouraged that if the Lord is giving the vision, He will make provision. Step out in faith, tell a friend, and see how the Spirit moves to grow that vision. Sometimes the process is pretty quick, like with the primary campus garden, but more often it is slow, and patience is required.  Whatever the pace, listen to the whispering of the Lord and step out in faith to do whatever work He calls you to do. He is faithful! Ask Him what He has next for your family and set an expectant heart to wait and watch your garden grow!

P.S. If anyone loves gardening and would like to help out with the community garden on the primary campus, I would love to know, so I can plug you in!

Becky Ross
Primary Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy

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