Impacting Families in the DR

The church that my family attends is right in the middle of a building campaign. We have purchased land and are now starting the process of putting a building on that land that will serve the people of Fort Bend County for many, many years to come. It is an amazing experience knowing that my family gets to have a part in giving back to God in a way that I know will impact families and individuals for the gospel long after I’m gone.

As you know, Logos Prep has a great partnership with Makarios in the Dominican Republic. Our teachers help encourage and train their teachers, our juniors and seniors take a trip each May, our primary, elementary & secondary students help sponsor classes, etc. We are deeply involved in this partnership that we have with Makarios because they are helping erase generational poverty in the Dominican Republic, in Jesus’ name, and we are all about that.

In the newsletter, there is a link to a SignUp Genius that we shared with you. It included some supplies that Makarios asks for each summer when our juniors and seniors go. This supply list changes from year to year as to meet the needs of the school in the DR. We want to open this supply list up to you, so that you as part of our Logos Prep community, can participate with us in this partnership with Makarios.

In 1 Chronicles 29, when David is building the temple, he tells of how everyone was involved in giving so that the temple could be built. Everyone had a part. That is why we wanted to make this opportunity available to you. So that you can participate in giving even the smallest of things, so that through Makarios, the Dominican people can be blessed, served, provided for and shown the love of Jesus that is available to them for their salvation.

Will you pray about what you can supply for the trip off that list? I’m confident that Makarios will use these supplies well.

Joel Gutowsky
Director of Student Life
Logos Preparatory Academy

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