Parenting. Man, this is some hard stuff.

I love my daughters. I really, really do. They bring me so much joy and I am very thankful that God has entrusted them to my wife and I. It is a great responsibility that I joyfully take.

That being said, they are sinners, and they remind me of that often. Ha!

I stumbled across this video from pastor, author & speaker, Paul Tripp. He starts off the video with this statement. “Parenting is impossible. I don’t have, in myself, everything I need to be a parent and I don’t have everything, in myself, that my children need.”

What a relief! I’m thankful that God calls us as parents to a task because we are unable to do it on our own. Our homes and our relationships with our kids is another opportunity for God to show us just how good He is.

Please, take about 3 minutes, watch this video, and be encouraged. We are doing a great work together as parents. May the Kingdom grow as a result of our children!

Video Link

Joel Gutowsky
Director of Student Life
Logos Preparatory Academy

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