Pursue Real Discipleship

Last week at ROAR we discussed that after we accept Jesus in our hearts, we need to start pursuing discipleship.  I told the students that it was important for them to go from following what the world wants them to do, to following what Jesus wants them to do.  They cannot do this alone. They need us to be constantly modeling for them how to do it.

As parents, when our children were younger, we realized the need to do this.  We modeled things like how to eat, how to get dressed, and how to read a book.  At school, we model how to walk in a line and how to move from class to class. With standardized testing coming up, we need to model how to fill in bubbles on a test.  These physical, tangible things seem easy to model. However, when it comes to spiritual modeling, we sometimes forget we need to be just as intentional at modeling.  

We cannot assume our students know how to be like Jesus if we are not showing them how to act like Jesus.  We need to allow them to do service projects if we want them to learn how to serve. They need to hear us speak kind words to others if we want them to learn to be kind.  They need to see us reading our Bibles and discussing what we are learning with them if we want them to understand the importance of reading their Bibles. They need to see us going to church if they are to understand that being part of a church family will help them grow to be more like Christ.  

Bottom line, we are called to help disciple the children that God entrusts to us.  We have to be intentional with their spiritual life if we want them to grow up and be ready to impact the culture for Christ.  The good news is God wants to equip us for this journey with them. Let’s seek Him so we can be ready for the task He has put before us.

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