Spread The Gift

Every year the sixth grade students at Logos Prep are invited to join LIGHT, our elementary leadership organization.  LIGHT, which stands for Leaders Inspiring Godly Habits Together, is designed to teach our sixth graders about basic leadership skills and allow them to begin to learn what a servant leader is.  The students who join participate in service projects, promote school spirit, and agree to hold the doors open and greet our students every morning and afternoon as they walk in and out of our building.  LIGHT students are encouraged to lead our elementary school academically and spiritually by putting their best efforts forward in their classes, attitudes, and Scripture memory. This year of service also allows our students to test the leadership waters to see if they want to continue on in the other service organizations as they get into secondary school.  If you have ever seen a student wearing a bright gold t-shirt on spirit days, you have seen a LIGHT student!

This past Friday, our LIGHT students participated in their spring service project.  They went to the Landon Ridge Assisted Living Facility and passed out Easter treats to the residents.  Psalm 145:4 tells us that one generation should declare God’s mighty acts to another, and I saw this as our LIGHT students brought the Hope of Easter to many residents who may not receive any other visitors during this holiday season.  When we left, one of the Landon Ridge residents caught me as the students were leaving and thanked me for allowing our students to come. She said that their visit was a bright spot in her day, and she knew that they brought cheer to the other residents as well.  I was very proud of how our students showed up and served this community.

With Easter weekend coming up, I want to encourage you to follow the lead of these students. Find a way to spread the gift that Christ gave us by dying on the cross for our salvation. For some, this may be serving at your church.  For others, this may be inviting your neighbors to your Easter services. However the Spirit leads you, I encourage you to follow, because you never know whose day you will brighten!

Andrea Chevalier
Elementary Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy

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