Start From A Place of Stillness

Bring on the turkey, people, it’s time to give thanks!  As you read this you are heading into a week off of school.  I know there will be tasks to replace school such as cooking and cleaning, or packing and traveling. There are memories to be made!  I LOVE thanksgiving! You get time off with your family but there are no presents to buy, just lots of fun games to be played, puzzles to be worked on, so much fun food to cook and eat and none of it has any calories!  (I so wish that last one was actually true!)

We all live incredibly busy lives and next week might not slow us down but it will give us a change in pace and scenery. I’ve heard a lot of people lately talking about being burned out because their lives are going in so many different directions. I was at a conference last week where someone spoke on Psalms 23:2: He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters.  She spoke about the fact that in 20+ years of heading multiple ministries with a family in tow, she never felt burned out because everything she did came from a place of stillness.

Stillness……anybody need some stillness? Next week can provide us with some opportunities for stillness. If we take them, we will remember how necessary they are to take each week, day, hour. Be still and know that I am God (Psalms 46:10). We cannot escape our crazy lives, nor do we want to (most of the time).  For most of us, next week will provide ample opportunities to work on our core values that we have been studying of family and community and conducting ourselves with integrity in all of our encounters.  But you will wear yourself out trying to be all things to all men unless you first start from a place of stillness.  Let Him lead you beside some still waters, let Him restore your soul, then go conquer the world and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Becky Ross
Primary Education Principal
Logos Preparatory Academy

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