The Power of Practicing Courage

When you picture a Bible character showing courage, who comes to mind?  Do you picture Daniel in the Lion’s Den? Do you see Moses leading the people to the Promised Land?  In these examples, the men had to make powerful, courageous choices to do the right thing. However, they did not get there overnight.  We can find earlier times in their lives where the Lord allowed them to have “courage practice” so they were ready for the courageous things they had to do. Daniel made the choice to eat healthy foods when he first entered Babylon.  Moses learned many things in Midian before he went back to lead the people out of Egypt. These small steps of courage prepared them for the big step of courage they would someday make.

Just like these men, our students need to learn courage from a younger age so they can have it when they are older.  As parents and teachers, we need to allow them to do things that will help them develop courage instead of rescuing them every time they are afraid. This can be hard because we hate to watch them do scary things. However, we have to look at the big picture. We have to understand that helping them develop courage now will prepare them for the courageous choices they will have to make when they are older. Faith and fear will both require your children to believe in something they can’t see. They will have to choose. Are you allowing them to choose the hard things now so they are ready?

I want to encourage you to have “courage practice” at your house on a regular basis. This may be something as simple as looking adults in the eyes when they are talking to them or standing up in front of the class to give a presentation.  Do not rescue your child from these opportunities but instead celebrate them and tell them how proud you are. A courageous child will grow up to be a courageous adult who God can use just like the ones we see in the Bible.

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