Elementary Campus

Grades 3-6

Elementary students attend classes at the Logos Prep Main Campus where experienced classroom teachers provide purposeful teaching that promotes academic excellence, critical thinking, and a biblical worldview. Students are exposed to and encouraged to memorize a monthly scripture associated with a character trait. Scriptures are intentionally chosen to help students understand how they can become more Christ-like.

Within the elementary program, there are a wide range of elective classes and student activities available to help grow leadership skills, build discipleship, and foster community.

On average, students will spend approximately an hour in the satellite classroom, for every hour on campus in the central classroom. Parents must be willing to commit to this level of involvement. To help with this commitment, Logos Prep offers K.E.Y. (Keep Educating Yourself) grade level parent meetings that are designed to equip co-teachers and give them the tools needed to best educate their students when in their satellite classroom.