Frequently Asked Questions

  • Academics

  • 1. Are you a home school co-op?

    No, Logos Preparatory Academy (Logos Prep) is a fully accredited University-Model® school ( and college preparatory school.

    2. Where do you meet?

    The Primary Campus (kindergarten – second grade) is located at 800 Brooks Street.  Our elementary and secondary students (third – twelfth grade) attend the Sugar Land Main Campus, located on the campus of Sugar Creek Baptist Church, West Campus building, 13303 Southwest Freeway.

    Logos Prep and the churches work together in the Kingdom, but are not otherwise affiliated.

    3. How is Logos Prep different than my other educational choices?

    A University-Model® education takes the best aspects of traditional, full-time public and private schools, as well as home schools, and molds them into one model.  Logos Prep allows parents to be intricately involved with the education of their children while having the benefit of professional classroom teachers to guide and evaluate the education process.

  • Admissions

    1. How much will it cost?

    Tuition is paid on a per class basis.  Tuition can be paid in ten equal installments. If tuition is paid in full before the start of the semester, a 5% discount is available.  Registration fees are required at registration time each semester. 2017-2018 Semester examples are provided below and complete tuition schedules for elementary and secondary can be found in the Schedule of Courses and Tuition located on the website.

    Elementary Example (4th grade)

    English:  $520
    History:  $400
    Math:  $520
    Science:  $400
    Spanish:  $400

    $2,240 per semester
    $2,218 with 5% discount

    Secondary Example (10th grade)

    American Literature: $625
    American History: $625
    Geometry: $625
    Chemistry: $750
    Computer Applications: $625
    Foreign Language: $625

    $3,875 per semester
    $3,681.25 with 5% discount

    2. What other fees can I expect?

    Application Fee
    Due with submission of student application, nonrefundable $310/student

    Testing Fee
    Entrance evaluations for kindergarten and Placement tests for 1st grade and up will be given to determine the entrance grade level of a student in math, English, and foreign language if necessary. For more information, please refer to the Placement Testing Policy in the Parent Student Handbook located on the website. $85/K-4th grade, $105/5th-12th grade

    Registration fee
    Due with submission of course selection, nonrefundable $255 per semester per student Technology Fee $105 per semester

    Computer Use Fee
    One-time fee per high school student, more details can be found in the Parent Student Handbook. $580 per high school student

    Students Kindergarten – 8th grade will provide their own books and can purchase them used or through any source available. EBooks will be sold by the school to students taking high school classes.