Secondary Campus

Grades 7-12

As part of a well-rounded academic experience, students have the option to take a variety of core classes and electives, as well as advanced placement and dual credit classes. Additionally, they have access to an array of extracurricular opportunities and academic competitions. When on campus, secondary students are instructed by experienced classroom teachers who encourage a love of learning while focusing on both academic and spiritual growth. Parents are no longer considered co-teachers, but begin to transition their role in order to develop more independent learners.

7th – 8th grade students begin to develop independence in the completion of assignments. Parents read each assignment sheet, structure time and place for completing work, offer assistance as needed, and verify that each assignment has been completed. Parents may spot-check work to confirm understanding of the practiced concept, but should not “pre-grade” assignments. Teachers use this opportunity for independent practice as an indicator of whether or not there is a need for re-teaching the concept.

9th – 10th grade students require supervision in order to help them develop disciplined study habits and personal responsibility. Parents monitor student assignments and discuss content as required. Opportunity for independent learning is based on the maturity and success of students. If students have problems turning work in on time or understanding the subject matter, it is the parents’ responsibility to enforce stricter accountability and provide the extra help that is needed.

11th – 12th grade students study independently, as required in post-secondary education programs. Parents are available to assist as needed with accountability and spiritual guidance as they make the transition to encouragers of their independent learners.

This rigorous model pays off for students preparing for higher education. Logos Prep has graduated two National Merit Scholars, eight Commended Scholars, and seven National Hispanic Scholars. 2017 graduates received more than $2.5 million in scholarships.