1:1 Computing Environment F.A.Q.

What if a student is in 8th grade or just a part time student?

Any student participating in a High School course is required to use a school-issued computer.

What computer will students use?

We are standardizing on Google Chromebooks. First introduced by Google in 2011, a Chromebook uses the Chrome Operating system and is a streamlined, cloud-centric, lightweight computing device. The extended battery life, virus and malware resistant operating system, and high security features were all contributing factors to the decision. Find out more at (https://support.google.com/chromebook/?hl=en#topic=3399709)

If we already have a computer, can we use the one we already own?

We researched this topic heavily and learned that for the purposes of management, security, and support, such a large scale deployment requires us to standardize to a single device.  Establishing the computer as a necessary tool for learning also means that it is important for teachers know exactly what they have to work with for each student (much like standardizing a textbook for a class).  Plus, this standardization allows us to have a complement of “loaners” which can be quickly and easily configured for your student should his or her computer be damaged and require extended service.  Unfortunately, though, this means that you will not be able to use a computer that you already own.

What is the Computer Use Fee? What does it provide?

The Computer Use Fee will be between $550 & $650. This one-time fee that will be charged at the time the computer is distributed to the student. The student receives a new Chromebook, power cable, and protective cover; three years of extended warranty that also covers accidental damage; an internet safety software subscription; large-scale deployment management software. Logos Prep receives an educational discount from Google and some other software retailers, and these savings are passed directly to our families through this fee.

What happens if my student's computer isn't working?

We have established a Help Desk at the school for a first stop for students with computer problems.  The Help Desk will handle routine problems and questions, but if it is determined that damage has occurred or if there are more than “routine” problems, the computer will need to be taken to the Apple Store for service.   Three years of Apple Care is provided as an extended warranty plan which will be used for all computer repairs.  Apple Care, however, does not cover problems caused by damage or tampering.  Any repair costs not covered by Apple Care must be paid for by the parent.

What is the estimated cost of online textbooks?

Online textbook costs vary from book to book and publisher to publisher.  Generally the online version is 50% -75% of the cost of a new hard copy of the same textbook.

Are all the non consumable textbooks going to be online?

The goal of administration is to move all non-consumable textbooks, including readers, online.  Textbooks will be read using the publishers technology on the laptop.  Readers will be distributed through Amazon and read with the Kindle Reader.  The Kindle Reader can be on multiple media such as the laptop, a smartphone, iPad, or Kindle device.

Those textbooks that will be online, will they be downloaded or only accessible through the internet?

We prefer textbooks that can be fully downloaded onto the laptop.  There may be some textbooks which require connection to the internet for some or all components of the textbook.

What if a student leaves Logos Prep; will he get to keep the computer?

A student will keep his computer after graduation, or with transfer to another school, but it will need to be dropped off at the school for three (3) days to remove all Logos Prep software and management tools. Once this process is finished, the computer will be returned to the student along with a bill of sale.

Can the computer be handed down to younger siblings

In order to ensure that students receiving computers are in great working condition and covered under warranty it is policy that they get a new computer.

When are the students getting the computers?

Parents will have the Computer Use Fee billed to their account on the day of the Back to School Blast.  Students will pick up their computers the following day.

What options do parents have to pay the Computer Use Fee?

For purposes of cash flow, we ask those who can pay the fee in full to please do so. There are, however, two other options available for payment of the Computer Use Fee:

    1. One Semester:  Parents are automatically allowed to make payments over the span of one semester with the standard payment plan.
    2. Two Semesters:  Parents can apply for a one-semester extension. This will allow the Computer Use Fee to be spread over a ten month time frame.
Is there any kind of family discount?

Currently there is no family discount or early payment discount on the Computer Use Fee.

Can siblings share computers?

Unfortunately, no.  To help them begin preparation for college and their post-college professions, the computer will no longer be used as an “accessory” that can be shared.  Instead, it will become an integral learning tool in each student’s education.  To accomplish this, each high school student must have their own device to use.

Can students add their favorite games and programs to the computer?

As an integral tool in each student’s daily learning, we cannot allow that process to be hindered or interrupted by anything which may compromise the performance and system integration of the machine.  That includes installing games or other programs.  In order to keep the machine supported and functioning on our network, Logos Prep will maintain sole administrative rights on the computer.  On a case by case basis, however, the school’s Help Desk will be happy to add individual programs to students’ computers when that software is useful to enhance the educational process.

Do they get to keep them over the summer?

There may be maintenance performed during the summer for a short period.  Otherwise the computer will remain with the student.